Week 4 - Variable Sized Arrays for Storing Slicing Results

Hi again. Let me quickly walk you through this week’s progress on my GSoC project. As the title says, I focussed on creating variable sized arrays using LLVM IR to store the results of array slicing. Though Fortran doesn’t allow variable sized arrays but LFortran will create such arrays in order to save memory to store intermediate results. It is almost near to completion. Though while working on it, I noticed that after adding printing support arrays, LFortran displays them in row major order which is different from GFortran. But that’s for another MR.

The work despcription may seem short but it was no less challenging. I had to make some changes to asr_to_llvm.cpp in order to create variable sized arrays and allowing them to be passed to functions and subroutines. Though once that was done, everything else followed. Now, I am going to do a final test and make my MR ready.


MR - !943.


Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India