Beginning GSoC 2019

I am very happy to share with you that on 6th May, 2019 I was accepted as a GSoC student of SymPy. I would be working on statistics module under the guidance of my mentors, Francesco Bonazzi and Sidhant Nagpal.

I know Francesco since I began contributing to stats module. We had discussions on various issues like, complicated results by statistics module and inclusion of stochastic processes in SymPy. I also worked with Sidhant while solving an issue of wrong PDF of Gumbel distribution. I believe that they both are very great people to learn from.

I will also work with Ritesh Kumar who has also been accepted to stats module. I haven’t interacted with him yet. Let’s see how we coordinate our work to make this project a success.

Infact, my first learning experience was using jekyll to set up this blog on github pages. Since, this was my first usage of jekyll and github pages, I struggled a bit to find the right resource. If you are also going to use jekyll then I would say, visit this page.