Week 10 - Debugging, testing and Haar measure

This week was about a lot of debugging and testing. I also got to know some facts about random matrices and group theory.

With the ending of 10th week, we have entered the second last week of the project. Well, this week was full of finding bugs, correcting and testing them. Mainly, I worked on, #17146, #17304, #17336 and #17306. The first one was related to symbolic Range, and it lacked systematic and robust tests. I pushed some commits to resolve the issue, though more is to be done. Now, coming to the second PR, it was related to circular ensembles. I got to know that distribution of these ensembles is something called Haar measure on U(n), group of unitary matrices. I was not familiar with this. Thanks to jksuom for sharing some papers for the same. I will go through them in the following week. The third PR fixes a bug which was found while working on circular ensembles. Acutally, ask(Q.hermitian(Matrix([[2, 2 + I, 4], [2 - I, 3, I], [4, -I, 1]]))) was giving False, however clearly the matrix is hermitian. So, I went ahead fixing it and waiting for reviews on my approach. The last one is related to matrices with random elements and it is complete after fixing a few bugs related to canonical outputs.

What I learnt this week? Well, I learnt, When you think your work is complete, well, sorry to say, that’s the beginning ;-)