Week 11 - Final touches

So, the second last week of the project is over and we have decided to improve on the work we have done so far in the last few days. Read below to know more.

In this week, I worked on, #17146 concered with symbolic Range, #17387 related to assumptions of dependence among random variables, #17336 which fixed the bug in Q.hermitian the one I told you about in my previous post, and #17306, implementing the matrices with random expressions.

In fact, the last two PRs are merged. Now, coming on to symbolic Range, I have completed the testing of all the methods except slicing feature of __getitem__, which I will do in this week. Regarding, the bug in Q.hermitian, well, my code at first, was giving incorrect results due to overriding problems in the logic. Francesco, helped me correct them and it’s finally in. The major part of the week was devoted to assumptions of dependence. I did some study from Wikipedia, and implemented the class DependentPSpace. I have kept the class static because it will handle queries of the type, density(X + Y, Eq(Covariance(X, Y), S(1)/2) which from my point of view doesn’t require creation of a probability space object.

Coming on to the plan for the last week, we have decided that no new PRs will be opened and focus will be towards completing the already open PRs, so that we have most of our work completed. Francesco has also suggested to test the newly introduced classes with the ones of Wolfram Alpha, so that there are no inconsistencies.