Week 2 - A lot of work

This week involved a lot of work and reviews. I worked on three PRs this week which were started for the purpose of, Markov chains, symbolic dimensions and symbolic conditions for finite RVs. Let me tell you how I managed all this.

The most important and the most demanding PR from all the said topics was that of Markov chain. I told you that we were discussing API for the same. Fortunately the discussion concluded and I started implementation with the starting of the second week, by opeining #16981. Infact, the basic structure is ready and I am vary happy, that the code is able to handle probability queries and is generating desirable results. Out of curiosity, I started work on symbolic dimensions for helping one of my fellow students. Infact, it’s also going to be completed, see #16962. The work for symbolic conditions which started for the purpose of correcting @XFAIL tests is also almost complete, take a look at #16908. I have observed that still there are some issues with sympy.stats.frv which need to be handled in a different set of PRs. Hopefully, I am planning to make some of those this week if time permits. I also aim to add more features to StochasticProcess like joint_distribution, and adding more properties to DiscreteMarkovChain like, whether it’s absorbing, transient. Adding, ContinuousMarkovChain will also be on my list.

Apart from a lot of work there was a lot of learning too. I got many of my concepts cleared, like, inherit Basic only when the instance of the class is going to be a part of SymPy expression. Thanks to Ondřej Čertík for this. I also realized the worth of sympy.stats.symbolic_probability while working on symbolic dimensions. Francesco used to suggest that we should use it wherever necessary, but now I completely understand his view.

That’s all, thanks for reading. Bye!!