Week 3 - Evaluation is coming :P

Week 3 has ended and we are moving towards phase 1 evaluations by entering the fourth week. Let me tell you what all has been done during the previous week to make the last step smooth.

The basic structure of stochastic process has been added with the merging of the PR #16981 and I am currently working on adding more features like, joint_distribution, expectation and may be some more according to the suggestions recieved from the community. You can read more about it, here. So this was about some processes, now lets move to the case of symbolic dimensions. Well, I made a comment and the members showed agreement to that. I have made some updates to the PR #16962 and the summary is available at this comment. I also discovered that docs of SymPy weren’t being updated at for the stats module and therefore I modified the PR #16934. For preparation of phase 2, I have created the issue #17039 for discussion on random matrices.

So, what I learnt? Premature optimization is bad for the health of the code. Yes, while reviewing PRs I learnt that concept. I also got to know why some imports cannot be put at the top of the file, all due to a concept called, circular imports. Sounds intuitive and faced a lot earlier but wasn’t aware of the exact term. Thanks to leosartaj for this. I also tried the coverage tests on my local system with the help of oscarbenjamin. Read this comment.

That’s it for now, bye!!