Week 4 - Phase 1 Ends

So, with the fourth week, the first phase of my journey with SymPy has come to an end. This blog post summarises the work done till now, in terms of PRs. Moreover, I will share with you the plans for phase 2.

I worked on the following PRs(listed in chronological order) during the first phase, many of them got merged and few are open.



Apart from the above PRs I also reviewed code written by other contributors. Overall, according to me phase 1 was a great learning and working experience.

Let me share with you my plan for phase 2. Since, I will be working on random matrices during the upcoming phase, I have started the discussions for design with my mentors and things are taking shape. However, apart from random matrices, I will also work on few more general improvements for my phase 1 work.

The outline is given below,

  1. I will work on extending the scope of queries handeled by discrete Markov chains by covering some uncommon cases.

  2. Some work will be done to extend the DiscreteMarkovChain by adding ContinuousMarkovChain as the latter is almost same but with some extra parameters.

  3. I will implement random matrices and its various Gaussian ensembles according to the conclusion of the design discussions.

  4. Last but not the least, I will try to merge my open PRs.

Thanks for reading and see you soon in phase 2. Bye!!