Week 5 - Transition towards Phase 2

The evaluation results for phase 1 are out, and I am very glad to share with you that I have passed with flying colors. I received, “Well done so far.” as the feedback for my work till now.

So now let us move to the work done in the gap between phase 1 and phase 2. Firstly, both of my open PRs of the previous phase, i.e., #16962 and #16934 have been merged. Though for symbolic dimensions some more work has to be done to make sympy.stats.frv more efficient and maintainable. I have also started my work, PR #17083, to extend the scope of queries for DiscreteMarkovChain and the system has become a bit smarter. In fact, during this week, while working on the PR, #17103, I came across the news that Tensorflow has changed a lot of APIs while migrating from 1.x to 2.x. AFAIK, they are moving towards Function approach from the previous Session approach, and due to that, SymPy’s lambdify faced some issues which I will be fixing soon with the help of other members. The Tensorflow details can be seen here.

Now, let’s move to the learning part. During the transition period I learnt about the dependencies of SymPy. Moreover, I came across, how, some bugs can be unnoticed when left untested. Thanks again to oscarbenjamin for letting me know about the bugs related to variance of finite random variables. I also got to know that, how bare except can even catch keyboard interrupt and that’s what makes it quite vulnerable. Thanks to sidhantnagpal for helping me with this.

So, that’s all for this, see you next week. Bye!!