Week 8 - Heading towards completion

With the 8th week, the second phase of my project is complete and we are heading towards the end of GSoC 2019. This blog post summarises the work done between phase 1 and phase 3, in terms of PRs. Moreover, I will share with you my plans for the last phase.

I worked on the following PRs(listed in chronological order) during the second phase, some of them got merged and few are open.



Apart from the above PRs I also reviewed code written by other contributors. Overall, according to me phase 2 was a great learning and logical experience.

Let me share with you the outline of my plan for phase 3.

The outline is given below,

  1. I will work on enhancing the result generation by the stats module as was planned in the beginning.

  2. The work on random matrices will be extended and I will add more features to them.

  3. Probably, if time permits, I will try to do some more refactoring of sympy.stats.frv, and will try to add some more stochastic processes.

  4. I will also try to merge my open PRs.

Thanks for reading and see you soon in phase 3. Bye!!