Week 9 - Lots of reviews

This week I recieved a lot of reviews from the members of community on my various PRs and this has formed the base of the work for the next week. Let me share some of those reviews with you.

As I told you that the PR #17146 was pending for reviews. Well, I received a lot of comments from @oscarbenjamin and @smichr on pretty printing of symbolic Range, the way tests are written, about inf and sup of Range. This in turn helped me to discover bugs in other features of Range, like, reversed. In the following week, I will work on this stuff and will correct the things. Now moving on to the random matrices, i.e., the PR #17174 has been merged but more work is to be done for Matrix with entries as random variables. In fact, I studied about expressions of random matrices and summarised the results here. Though the findings suggest specific algorithms for specific expressions like sum. I am still looking for a more generalized technique and will update you if found any.

So, coming to the learning aspect. This week I learnt about the importance of exhaustive and systematic tests. The tests which I wrote for symbolic Range aren’t so systematic and robust. I have found a way to improve them from this comment.

That’s all for now, signing off!!