Final Report

This report summarizes the work done in my GSoC 2019 project, Enhancement of Statistics Module wth SymPy. A step by step development of the project is available at

About Me

I am a third year Bachelor of Technology student at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Project Outline

The project plan was focused on the following areas of statistics that were required to be added to sympy.stats.

  1. Community Bonding - I was supposed to add, Dirichlet Distribution, Multivariate Ewens Distribution, Multinomial Distribution, Negative multinomial distribution, and Generalized multivariate log-gamma distribution to sympy.stats.joint_rv_types.
  2. Phase 1 - I was supposed to work on stochastic processes, primraly on Markov chains, including it’s API design, algorithm and implementation.
  3. Phase 2 - I was expected to work on random matrices, including Gaussian ensembles and matrices with random expressions as their elements.
  4. Phase 3 - I planned to work on assumptions of dependence, improving result generation by sympy.stats and improving other modules so that sympy.stats can function properly.

Pull Requests

This section describes the actual work done during the coding period in terms of merged PRs.

  1. Community Bonding
  1. Phase 1
  1. Phase 2
  1. Phase 3

Miscellaneous Work

This section contains some of my PRs related to miscellanous issues like, workflow improvement, etc.

Future Work

The following PRs are open and are in their last stages for merging. Any interested student can take a look at them to extend my work in his/her GSoC project.

Apart from the above, work on densities of Circular ensembles remains to be done. One can read the Theorem 3, page 8 of this paper.